Sweet Types

Sugar Free Boiled Sweets Mini Cookie Jar

These sweets come in a 500g mini cookie jar, these are a wonderful mix of traditional boiled sugar free sweets including, pear drops, fruit drops, rhubarb and custard and more, these also come in weighed out bags

 Bulk Bags

Jellies and gums galore! Why not treat yourself or someone else to a bulk bag of sweets, we have sweets from confectioners such as Haribo, Swizzels Matlow and Tuck Shop these work out better value than buying lots of smaller bags, they are also a wonderful party bag filler idea or for wedding favours you cant go wrong. Perfect to make your event a sweet success.

Sugar Free Cola Fizz Fizzy Sweets

200g weighed bag of hard boiled sugar free cola fizz, these have lovely fizzy cola flavour, made by Barnetts top quality manufacturers


We all love chocolate, the creamy taste makes us feel good and it makes wonderful gifts, here we have chocolate from the top manufacturers such as Cadbury and Rowntrees, we have a variety of sizes from weighed out bags up to full boxes and pre – packed bags, we also have chocolatey sweets in full tubs which make fantastic additions at parties weddings and events.


We all love mints and we have a variety for you here, from weighed bags of mint imperials to full sweet shop jars, Trebor extra strong mints to mild spearmint chews, we also have a selection of chewing gums from Wrigleys, or why not go down memory lane with an Uncle Joes Mintball.

Featured Sweets

In this catagory we have favourite sweets and promotional offers which we are happy to pass on to all sweetie lovers, we will update weekly so keep checking back for money saving bargains

At the moment we are promoting ice cream jawbreakers, lion gums, haribo tubs and drumstick squashies.