Get Your Restaurant on the Right Track

A hospitality consultant has many roles, including consulting and creating marketing campaigns, improving and analysing online presence and taking a role in website development.

The role of the consultant will be to assist you with your work in various sectors. The consultant may act similar to an educator and may also offer resources, changes and be the reason for success in your company. This includes restaurants and hotels. See benefits here.

What services are there?

Whatever services you choose will depend on your needs.

If you need a restaurant consultancy service, we recommend Pestle & Mortar. They will be with you every step of the way and throughout the launch of the restaurant. Their expertise will put you in the right direction to success. Services.

What is included?

  • New Product and recipe development
  • Sourcing and buying
  • Recipe testing
  • Range refreshing
  • Menu and range optimisation
  • Competitor reviews and bench-marking
  • Food trends and market analysis
  • Factory trials and first productions
  • Finding specialist suppliers
  • Food website design and content
  • Food development recruitment, training and mentoring
  • Marketing
  • Mystery Shopper

Let your business receive maximum potential with the help of this industry leading team. Their experience as food consultants means they can advise you on the best suppliers in an efficient, friendly and legal manner.  Please get in touch with us to share your experiences.