Rotisserie chicken is probably the most common meat that’s used for a spit roast. A rotisserie chicken truly tastes fantastic when grilled correctly, and offers succulent pieces of meat for your food.

However, chicken isn’t the only type of meat that tastes fantastic after being spit roasted.

Chef Magazine takes a look at a few other types meats that will create some fantastic results next time you think about catering for an event or for your next rotisserie dinner.

Rotisserie Roast Beef

Roast beef is incredibly popular for all meat-lovers out there. A rotisserie-style cooked beef that creates a tender, incredible texture.

When it comes to spit roasting, a Rotisserie beef can be sliced into incredibly thin slices that are perfect for sandwiches. Check out spit roasting caterers.

Rotisserie Prime Ribs Roast

Using a spit roast is by far the best way to cook prime rib. Because of the way it’s cooked over the grill, the rotisserie prevents the meat from drying out whilst the roast itself cooks it to perfection.

Prime ribs are certainly a popular choice for outdoor events and have a unique taste that will certainly add to any summer event you plan on holding.

Rotisserie Leg of Lamb

By using wines and herbs to marinate a leg of lamb, the flavour truly is enhanced to an impeccable level whilst it’s cooked to absolute perfection.

When placed on a rotisserie, a leg of lamb is left to cook and become the centre attention for the holidays or event your hosting. It’s a versatile meat that can be served with rice, potatoes or vegetables too.